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International Workshop on UV and deep-UV plasmonics

We are going to hold an internation workshop on UV and deep-UV plasmonics, named UV-DUV Plasmonics and Nanophotonics Workshop (UPN2013) in Osaka University during Oct. 28-29, 2013.

New members at NaSpec in April 2013

Starting from April 2013, four new B4 students, Lim Yang Chau, Masahiro Ohnishi, Shinnosuke Saeki and Zen-ei Esaki, have joined our reserch group.

New members at NaSpec in October 2012

Starting from October 2012, LiChuan Huang (aka Lily) from the National Taiwan University has joined our research team as a Frontier Lab Exchange Student. She is going to stay with us for one semester.

Member left us in April 2012

Ai Hirayama

Our secretary Ai Hirayama has left NaSpec, and joined JSPS in Tokyo from April 16, 2012.

We wish her all the best for her future!

New members at NaSpec in April 2012

Starting from April 2012, Toshihiro Mino has joined our research team as a Ph.D. student (D3),
Bikas Ranjan has joined us as MEXT Research Student.

We have three new B4 students,
Mikio Hamazaki, Hikaru Yoshino and Daigoroh Kawashita, joining us from April 2012.

We also have our new secretary,
Yuka Yoneda, who joined us from April 16, 2012.

New members at NaSpec in 2011

Starting from April 2011, Dr. Yuika Saito has joined our research team as an Associate Professor!

We also have two new B4 students,
Yuya Nagata and Junto Tsurumi, joining us from April 2011.

A VIEWPOINT article in Oct. 2010 issue of "Optics & Photonics News"


We have recently had a cover page in "Laser & Photonics Reviews"


This cover art depicts local deformation of an isolated single-walled carbon nanotube that is pressed by the apex of a nano-tip. The vibrational frequencies originating from this locally pressurized volume are distinctly different from those originating from rest of the sample. By sensing this difference, it is possible to image the sample with an extremely high spatial resolution in tip-enhanced Raman microscopy. We have previously demonstrated a spatial resolution of 3-4 nm ( Nature Photonics, 3, 473 (2009).; and Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 186101 (2009).) in optical microscopy.

Nano-imaging through tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: Stepping beyond the classical limits
Laser & Photonics Rev. 4, 548-561 (2010).