About Us

The Nano Spectroscopy(NaSpec)group is a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic professors, researchers and students. The primary research interest of this team is to utilize spectroscopic and related techniques to study various physical phenomena at the nanoscale. Apart from studying the basic properties of materials at nanoscales, one of the interesting applications is to achieve a nanometric spatial resolution in optical imaging. This is done by combining plasmonics and near-field effects to Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies, which allows one to "see" nanomaterials through visible light. We are also interested in innovatively manipulating light of various wavelengths and to confine it within nanometric volumes for some very interesting applications at the nanoscale.

What's New

Yang-san got awarded the Best Poster Award in the 16th International Symposium on Nanomedicine held at Osaka metropolitan university. Congratulations!
Zong finished his work as an invited researcher, and joined as a Ph.D student.
Ms.Seko joined our group as a secretary.
2 B4 students joined our group.
Our work on Raman spectroscopic investigation of adenosine analogue COA-Cl was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.
An Invited Researcher, Zong joined our group.
An Invited Researcher, Cui joined our group.
Our work on numerical optimization for plasmon nanofocusing was published in AIP Advances.
Our work on investigation of tip-enhanced Raman scattered signals on cantilever tapping amplitude was published in Scientific Reports.
Our work on development of ultrastable tip-enhanced Raman microscopy and its application for the large-sized imaging was published in Science Advances. It was also featured in several media such as Optics & Photonics News (by Optica) and Phys.org.
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